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Nevermind the Darkness’ upcoming EP “Conversations”

Nevermind the Darkness

Alright, so I’m throwing out a review of a soon to be released EP from the up and coming band, Nevermind the Darkness.  While they hail from a state of questionable greatness (Texas), their music is unquestionable.  It’s good.  Fronted by the vocally stimulating and rapturous voice of Tricia Weaver, this is a group that you ought to keep your eyes on.

They have graced me with all 5 tracks of the  EP, Conversations, and I share with you, in my opinion, their best overall song, Help.  It is also one of the 2 songs that they feature on their website and on Facebook.  Coincidence?  Probably not.



The skinny – Of the five songs, Help (above) is the most “rock” song and as I stated, my favorite, which is followed by My Reflection.  Better and Hear Me both have more of a metal sound to them; which doesn’t mean they aren’t good, I’m just not as drawn to them.  Somewhere between those four and splitting them evenly, is the track Again, whose intro conjures up faint thoughts of Alice in Chains, but with Tricia’s vocals quickly becomes its own song.

Drums –  The man on the kit is Eric Sipe.  At this moment I have little to share about the man personally except he put forth a monster effort and some of his beats have me table tapping and practicing some fast double bass kick fills (primarily Help and My Reflection).  Hopefully I can get more on this man in the future.

Nevermind the Darkness Eric Sipe

Eric Sipe


The VerdictI like it.  If you know me or have read any of my opinions (unlikely), you know I’m not easily enthralled by female vocals [in rock bands].  However, I would put Conversations in my “keep” pile of EP’s and definitely put Nevermind the Darkness on my “gotta attend that f***ing concert!” list.  I get the feeling the live show would be amazing.  They just need to come towards Florida first.


Find Nevermind the Darkness here on Facebook or here at their own website


Photo Credit : The Facebook pages of Nevermind the Darkness and Eric Sipe


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